Yves from Canada decided to quit his job and follow a life of adventure. We were lucky enough to catch up with him in The Kruger not so long ago and capture his experience of Africa, going on safari and of course, his stay at Tented Adventures.
Shaun talks to us about the best part of his day at Tented Adventures. There sure is something special about returning to camp after your evening game drive – the fire’s roaring, drinks are served and stories told.
For those of you who have stayed at our Pilanesberg camp, you were probably lucky enough to get your chops on Bennies legendary chicken. It’s been written about on Trip Advisor, raved about in the guest book and Bennies been offered good money to give up his secret… #bennieschicken #braaimaster #legendary #tentedadventures
Italian Luca experiences his first safari with Tented Adventures. His excitement made us feel like we were experiencing the African bush for the first time too! Thank you Luca! #spaghettionsafari #expertspotter #ciaomama #tentedadventures
We’d rather save the rhinos than spend black friday shopping! We raised R3 700 on #Givebackfriday. A much better way to spend our money!
For those of you who have stayed with us at our Pretoriuskop camp, and have been on a drive with Enock, you’ll know that he has an unbelievable connection with the bush. He is an expert spotter and his gentle ways, wealth of knowledge and quiet sense of humour really do make him one of our best guides. Take it away Enock…
We decide to ask some of the guys the question… If you could be one animal, what would you be? Definitely gives a sneak peak into their personalities and what they’re all about…
Tented Adventures fam – meet Mike. Some of you may have already met him on a trip to Pretoriuskop, but most of you haven’t. His love and passion for Africa, her animals and the bush comes out everyday in what he does. And when he’s not out showing his guests the incredible Kruger park, he’s back at camp making sure everybody is well looked after and having the best time.
As we all know Bennies Chicken is legendary at our Pilanesberg Camp. People write about it, photograph it and beg for the recipe (with no success) but watch out Bennie – Thomas is hot on your heels and has plans to knock your chicken out of the park with his T-Bone. Take it away Thomas…
If you’re South African or you’ve been to South Africa then there’s no doubt you would have come accross Chakalaka at some stage. It’s a traditional relish served with braai(barbeque) meat and more than likely, pap (a tradtional South African porridge made from corn). The other thing that you’ll know is that people that make it are fiercely competitive and are convinced that theirs is the best in the world. At Tented Adventures it’s no different – thanks to Stephan (our camp host and self-proclaimed Chakalaka King in Pretoriuskop), we really do hands down have the best Chakalaka in all the land!
Our camp manager and head guide is always a wealth of information and takes our guests through some survival 101 skills. In case you get lost in the bush and really need to get clean – just find yourself a Devils Horn bush and a little water…
One of the things we are most proud of at Tented Adventures is the amazing team that makes everything possible. All unique individuals with something different up theirs sleeves. Benni from Pilanesberg has South Africa’s best chicken recipe, Stephan claims the worlds best Chakalaka, Shaun wants to spend his second life as a warthog and Ush… I mean Marvelous? Well, see for yourself…
A big part of what makes Tented Adventures so special is the fact that guests from all over the world come together around the fire to tell their stories and share their photos of whatever adventures they’ve had that day. The bush is an incredibly special place and we’re so happy to be able to share this experience with our guests.
The only good thing about your evening game drive coming to an end is arriving back at camp to a roaring fire, a glass of wine and little boerewors tasters. South African hospitality at its best. #boerewors #campfire #safari #tentedcamp #pilanesberg #camping #campinglife #wanderlust #travel #memories #lekker
Language lessons with Thomas… #campfun #braai #boerewors #tentedadventures #letslearn #southafrica #localislekker #proudlysouthafrican #safari